Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sea Town Bucket Bag

This is an attempt of a knock off from a felted bag that I saw on, here is the link if you are interested: I just used sock yarn even though the yarn used for the original bag (from the link) was a bulky weight. This project was crazy. Don't ever try to knit a bag you plan to sock yarn, especially if you want it to be sturdy. It will take forever! I used 10 dpns all at once to get the circumferance of the bag. I think they were size 3 or 4. It was rediculous. I definitely don't recommend ever duplicating the one I tried to do. I wanted to make this bag but I only had a 'million yards' of sock yarn so I just tried to be crafty and remake the pattern to use up my sock weight yarn. To all of you out there who have an outrageous amount of sock yarn and want to make this bag, I don't care. DO NOT USE SOCK YARN TO MAKE THIS BAG, YOU WILL GO INSANE.

Model: Brooke Gardner
Photographer: Meredith Hunt
Location: Tully Rd. Modesto, CA
Time: Sunset

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