Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sicily Suspender Hoodie

I began this hoodie a couple months ago after I saw this beautiful photo below that was so so inspiring!

I bought the yarn at! I went through 15-16 dark brown (chestnut) skeins and 2 light brown (Camel Heather) skeins of the Wool of the Andes Worsted yarn at 110 yds per skein. I ran out of yarn and so I had to buy five more, (so this photo doesn't have all the yarn I used in it..) I used US8 sized needles.

These are some photos below are ones I took of my notebook which had my friend Ben's measurements drawn out. It took a long time to try to figure out how exactly I was going to make the sweater the right size for him. But I think I finally figured it out! A lot of it was trail and error actually.. I luckily made a lot of mistakes on paper and not in my knitting!

These are some of the photos I took while I was making the front of the hoodie! I made two mirrored pieces with a V-neck. The hoodie was meant to be a bit 'boxy' looking, it creates a comfortable fit -usually not for women because it doesn't give any shape at all. The knitting itself was quite simple, it was garter stitch. I think it's because I used garter stitch that I was able to measure and shape the hoodie so easily.

Here is a photo of when I had the back, front, and hood connected, along with the arm-suspender part done. I also had the arm shaping coming together a bit as well.

Here's some photos of when I am done, I'm wearing it but it will look much better on the boy to who it now belongs to..!

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