Friday, March 11, 2011

4 AM

Why am I still up knitting? I have school tomorrow.

Herringbone Mittens with Poms (not finished....started earlier tonight)
These are such a quick knit it's ridiculous.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Brûlée Scarf

This is a scarf I made about a month ago!

 I found four different buttons that I thought looked good together and sewed them on at the end of the project. It's a scarf length, but for some reason when you put it on it looks like a big bulky cowl, which I love. I love cowls and I love scarves. This project is like a scarf-cowl. It's 100% merino wool in a grey color that has a hint of plum in it too, or maybe it's just my eyes tricking me! I did not make up this pattern but it's easy enough! It was my second time crocheting (just the little ruffly ends are crocheted). This project was a beautiful mindless and relaxing project. It was just garter stitch the whole length and then ruffly-crochet ends on each end. About two inches before casting off make four button holes. Then comes the edges and sewing on the buttons. Here's the real pattern if the way I explain it is confusing in anyway:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Petal Tote

I used to spend birthday money on yarn. One time when I had birthday money, I bought a lot expensive wool and knitted this bag. It's definitely a compliment-collector bag. You can't go anywhere with this bag and expect compliments not to be flowing at you from every direction. So I suggest, if you make this bag and decide to put it into use, that you do your makeup that day because everyone will be looking at you -or at least your bag! It is made from some very colorful wools. It is lined and has a magnetic clasp to hole the top together! It was my first lining of a project that I've made, and I am proud of myself for the attempt. Here's a link to the original thing: I did do the petals differently now that I think about it, the original had more flat of petals, mine are a little more child-like and curvy towards the ends. Here's what it turned out like: 

Sea Town Bucket Bag

This is an attempt of a knock off from a felted bag that I saw on, here is the link if you are interested: I just used sock yarn even though the yarn used for the original bag (from the link) was a bulky weight. This project was crazy. Don't ever try to knit a bag you plan to sock yarn, especially if you want it to be sturdy. It will take forever! I used 10 dpns all at once to get the circumferance of the bag. I think they were size 3 or 4. It was rediculous. I definitely don't recommend ever duplicating the one I tried to do. I wanted to make this bag but I only had a 'million yards' of sock yarn so I just tried to be crafty and remake the pattern to use up my sock weight yarn. To all of you out there who have an outrageous amount of sock yarn and want to make this bag, I don't care. DO NOT USE SOCK YARN TO MAKE THIS BAG, YOU WILL GO INSANE.

Model: Brooke Gardner
Photographer: Meredith Hunt
Location: Tully Rd. Modesto, CA
Time: Sunset

White Spaghetti Scarf

It was my birthday a couple years ago, and for my birthday my local yarn shop ladies gave me some beautiful 100% alpaca sock yarn. This was just after I had finished my sock making phase. So I decided to do some mindless knitting and just knit a very very long and skinny scarf. It turned out well, but how could it not? It really was just stockinette stitch the whole time with slightly tapered ends. It now belongs to my roommate who pulls it off very nicely.

Model: Brooke Gardner
Photographer: Meredith Hunt
Location: Tully Rd. Modesto, CA
Time: Sunset

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sicily Suspender Hoodie

I began this hoodie a couple months ago after I saw this beautiful photo below that was so so inspiring!

I bought the yarn at! I went through 15-16 dark brown (chestnut) skeins and 2 light brown (Camel Heather) skeins of the Wool of the Andes Worsted yarn at 110 yds per skein. I ran out of yarn and so I had to buy five more, (so this photo doesn't have all the yarn I used in it..) I used US8 sized needles.

These are some photos below are ones I took of my notebook which had my friend Ben's measurements drawn out. It took a long time to try to figure out how exactly I was going to make the sweater the right size for him. But I think I finally figured it out! A lot of it was trail and error actually.. I luckily made a lot of mistakes on paper and not in my knitting!

These are some of the photos I took while I was making the front of the hoodie! I made two mirrored pieces with a V-neck. The hoodie was meant to be a bit 'boxy' looking, it creates a comfortable fit -usually not for women because it doesn't give any shape at all. The knitting itself was quite simple, it was garter stitch. I think it's because I used garter stitch that I was able to measure and shape the hoodie so easily.

Here is a photo of when I had the back, front, and hood connected, along with the arm-suspender part done. I also had the arm shaping coming together a bit as well.

Here's some photos of when I am done, I'm wearing it but it will look much better on the boy to who it now belongs to..!